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Topeka Smartwatch

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The Topeka SmartWatch is one of the best accessories any athlete can get right now. This smartwatch offers everything from heart rate monitoring to answering phone calls. Playing music, setting alarms, and even receiving notifications on social networks is also possible here.
For those looking for an accessory that can help them maintain their physical and mental wellbeing while having the ability to connect to their phone, then the Mate SmartWatch is a great choice.



The Topeka SmartWatch has a heart monitoring feature that will keep track of the user’s heartbeat at all times. This helps them monitor the intensity of their exercise and allows them to increase it or decrease it as necessary.
The smartwatch is comprised of complex technology that allows it to measure the rate accurately using its LED light. It uses its green light sensor to study the flow of blood of the user, allowing it to display their real-time heart rate.



Users have stated that the results are shown immediately after completing their activity. As for the heart rate monitor, users have noted that it gives real-time results.




GPS MOVEMENT TRACK: Turn on the running function in the WearPro, the APP will record your next GPS movement track

AI VOICE ASSISTANT: Double click to wake up the voice assistant, complete the voice command through the AI voice assistant

DOUBLE CLICK TO WAKE UP THE SCREEN: Double click to wake up the off-screen clock interface

200+ WATCH FACES: Topeka smartwatch comes with a variety of new watch faces, contains a variety of dynamic ones, the watch faces market has 200+ personalized watch faces for you to choose from

BLUETOOTH CALL: You can use your watch to make calls, any phone calls will be pushed to the watch in time

NFC ACCESS CONTROL: A watch can also be an access control, raise your hand to open the door quickly

NARROW BEZEL: A pure full screen with a frame as narrow as 1.5MM, the flagship screen in the watch

TWO-WAY PAYMENT: Alipay offline payment and WeChat payment, fast and convenient



Compatibles OS: IOS System 10.0 and/or superior / Android 4.4 and/or superior
• Chip: Realtek RTL8762DK
• Bluetooth: Bluetooth Dual 5,0
• Waterproof: IP68
• Battery Capacity: 280mAh Li-Polymer (Rechargeable)
• Weight: 30Gr
• Screen Resolution 390x390
• Recharging Time: around 3 hours

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