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NeuroTech Socks (Pair)

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Foot pain is no fun, significantly when it interferes with your favorite physical activities. Our NeuroTech Socks may be the answer you’re looking for. Using three compression levels, they work in seven different zones to stabilize your feet and reduce swelling and discomfort while providing support that lasts long past when you take them off.

Lightweight and breathable with moisture-wicking technology, they’re an easy addition to everyday wear or any sports regime.If you suffer from any kind of foot pain… you should take a closer look. The unique 7-Compression-Zone Technology works with 3 different levels of compression to stabilize your ankles, reduce swellings and relieve foot pain immediately and feel the results from the very first day.

Our revolutionary NeuroTech Socks can be used to successfully treat a range of foot-related conditions. The toe and the area above the ankle are gentle compression areas, while there is moderate compression around the ball of the foot and the heel. The arch and the ankle have firm compression which increases circulation; this, in turn, helps reduce swelling and relieve foot pain.



NeuroTech Compression Socks are great for everyday wear or sports, working to improve your stability and reduce the impact on your muscles and joints. They feature three graduated compression levels in seven zones, delivering adequate pressure throughout each sock.

The three compression levels work together to activate proprioceptors surrounding all of your foot's muscles, tendons, and joints. This helps improve your balance and stability.

The seven zones are designed to provide targeted compression in critical areas of your foot where you need the most support. They're great for reducing swelling, discomfort, and Achilles tendonitis pain.



Start by putting your foot in the sock and then pull it up just like you would a regular pair of socks. And experience the next generation of compression socks.The more you wear them, the better your feet feel! Our product is designed to last for years and keep its elasticity long term. Please be sure to check all labels for proper care and instructions to get the most out of our socks and prevent any damage in the process. 



You will start to feel the difference immediately. And see the results within days! Different people will experience other effects given unique factors. But you will begin to feel better within the first weeks of wearing them!

Whether you are an athlete, on your feet all day long, or looking for relief from conditions/ailments such as Plantar Fasciitis or Swollen Feet - these socks are designed to help you go that extra mile.



REDUCE FOOT SWELLING: Standing for long hours or playing sports can leave your feet feeling swollen, heavy, and uncomfortable. The NeuroTech Socks help reduce foot swelling with three graduated compression levels in seven zones of the sock.

IMPROVE STABILITY: By supporting weakened or injured feet and stabilizing your foot muscles, NeuroTech Socks help reduce common sports-related injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and sprains. Improve balance and increase energy with a stabilized foundation.

ACTIVATE PROPRIOCEPTION: To improve balance and stability, the sensory receptors in your feet need a firm foundation for feedback. The compression zones in NeuroTech Socks provide gentle pressure to activate your body's proprioceptors - resulting in increased balance and decreased risk of falls.

INCREASED BLOOD CIRCULATION: The compression zones on the NeuroTech Socks apply graduated pressure, increasing blood circulation and delivering more oxygen to your muscles. This reduces lactic acid build-up, making you feel less tired while providing short-term and long-term benefits that help improve athletic performance.

REDUCE IMPACT ON MUSCLES AND JOINTS: The three graduated compression levels in each NeuroTech Socks work together to reduce the impact on muscles and joints, promoting flexibility, mobility, and reduced fatigue.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Allows you to tighten or loosen the compression levels throughout each sock for a custom fit.

LIGHTWEIGHT SILKY SOFT MATERIAL: Our lightweight breathable socks are made of Nylon & Spandex, allowing feet to breathe without over-heating.

COMPRESSION FIT DESIGN: Our socks are designed with Compression Fit, which gives your feet support and allows for proper circulation.

EASY TO WEAR & REMOVE: Wear them all day and remove them with ease! Our socks are stretchy and easily fit into shoes.

GREAT FOR ALL ACTIVITIES: Perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers, athletes, and anyone looking to give their feet a little TLC.



• Material: Nylon + Spandex
• Thickness: Medium
• Micro-elastic
• Includes one pair of socks in the color/pattern of your choice.
• Washing instructions: Hand wash
• Color: Black and white
• Sizes for Women: S/M (6- 9.5), L/XL (10 - 13.5)
• Sizes for Men: S/M (5- 9.5), L/XL (10 - 12.5)

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