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Handheld sleeping device TamSleep

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In this world of piquing anxieties and ever-growing dilemmas, one of the few common crises we face is insomnia or sleeplessness. What happens when you don’t provide your body with something as basic as sleep? It resorts to protest by making us suffer like it has suffered due to lack of proper recovery time by giving us headaches, mood swings, depression, laziness, etc.

These medical conditions have the power to turn a fairly manageable life into an unconquerable one. TamSleep aims to provide human systems with a long restful REM sleep so “I am too tired for this” attitude can be checked off of the list of “reasons to procrastinate”. This also allows people to focus on more real problems that require full mental capability and potential.

TamSleep aims to bypass the use of medicines to get rid of insomnia and get the same effect with minimal intervention with the natural body systems.


We will take you through the stepwise process of how this handy device works:

• Step 1: Turn the device on.
• Step 2: Choose the intensity level by turning the wheel.
• Step 3: Place it in your palm.
• Step 4: Enjoy blissful uninterrupted sleep every night.


TamSleep claims that differences can be noticed from the day its use is started, which is enough validation for its efficacy. Some users report that they noticed an immediate improvement.


ENHANCES SLEEP QUALITY: Induces melatonin and serotonin to stabilize mood and induce Non-REM sleep.

EASY GRIP: Small and handy, you can take it with you.

EASY CHARGING: Battery capacity is 300mAh, USB is convenient to charge, can be connected to the computer's USB port, mobile power, power supply and other charging methods. 


• Material: ABS and stainless steel
• Color: White / Black / Blue
• Battery capacity: 300mAh
• Input voltage: DC 5V/1A
• Operating Current: 1.5-2A
• Charging time: about 1.5H
• Charging interface: Micro USB
• Product size: approx. 40.5*38.5*68.5MM

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